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Download Windows 10 iso from Microsoft

Download Windows 10 iso from Microsoft

Using a Linux VM you can download Windows 10 iso file from the Microsoft website, no need to get a dodgy torrent. You will need a VM running Linux to see my tutorial on installing Kali Linux on Virtual Box

Run Kali Linux and follow this short video:

After you copy the link for the Windows 10 iso on your main PC, open any browser and paste the URL to download the Windows 10 iso

Now you have an original copy of Windows 10, you will need a serial key if you want to activate it.

Windows 10

There is some controversy about this new version of Windows some users are concerned over privacy issues, I have been using the Windows OS since the early days of Windows 95 it was a great OS for its time, then they released Windows 98 which had some improvements over its predecessor, Windows 2000 (NT5) was one of my favourite Operating Systems back in the day.

Windows XP aimed at the home user market followed by Windows 7 which was a great improvement over any of the previous versions, Windows 10 is an accumulation of all its predecessors and I have to be honest I am very impressed with the slick interface.


Microsoft has focused on security – these snippets are taken from the MS website

Windows 10 brings you built-in protection. That means more security features, safer authentication and ongoing updates delivered for the supported lifetime of your device.

Windows Defender is your antivirus security solution that delivers comprehensive and real-time protection against software threats across email, cloud, and web.

Windows Firewall is network protection designed to keep hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your PC.

SmartScreen Filter1 is online protection built into Windows, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers to help keep you protected from malicious websites and downloads.

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