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Privatix free VPN plugin for your web browser

Privatix free VPN plugin for your web browsers

Free VPN

Privatix – They say its free however you might have to wait a short time before a free slot opens. It works fine for watching iPlayer in the UK, the other free options are the Netherlands and Singapore, if you decide to pay for it then you have lots of other connections available.

VPN allows you to access any blocked website or content, social network, or online service. Make your Internet browsing private and secure – it’s fast and easy. No registration needed.

Privatix for Firefox offers unlimited bandwidth and is totally free for several country locations ( based on free servers slots). Access to more locations is also available for premium accounts.

# Unblock content
In countries with Internet censorship issues, many useful websites get blocked by government or ISPs. On the other hand, some websites restrict serving their content such as streaming video, news, radio or social media based on the visitor’s country. A VPN allows you to access the Internet as intended – freely and without restrictions, by choosing any location worldwide.

# Secure internet connection and Wi-Fi
When you use public WiFi or some unsecured networks (e.g., at a café, hotel, or airport), your data can be intercepted, and your private or sensitive information can be stolen. Privatix makes your connection secure in one click using powerful military-grade encryption.

# Protect identity and privacy
Many watchful eyes are following users around the Internet, analysing their behaviour, reporting all actions, collecting data for ads, analytics, and social media. With Privatix, you can become invisible for all these trackers and always have a private and secure browsing experience.

——– About Privatix ——–

Was founded by experienced IT entrepreneurs and talented developers who are passionate about the freedom of the Internet, online security, and privacy protection.

For Chrome

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