Aug 24, 2019 2 min read

Parrot Security OS 4.0 Released With Number of New Powerful Tools and with Package Updates

Parrot Security OS 4.0 Released

Parrot Security OS 4.0 released with a number of new tools, updated for packages and bug fixes that released since the last version 3.11.

Parrot security team aid this is an “important milestone in the history of our project.”

Parrot OS has a big repository that collects a lot of amazing hacking tools for newbies and experts. Developed by FrozenBox. The first release was in June 2013.

The Parrot Security Operating System is a Penetration Testing & Forensics Distro dedicated to Ethical Hackers & Cyber Security Professionals.

Parrot Security OS 4.0 – New Tools

Netinstall Images

Netinstall Images added with Parrot 4.0, as an Experimental, because the installers failed when using https and work fine with HTTP said Parrot team.

With NetInstall images you can install the plain operating system or just only the required components. “we decided to provide netinstall images too as we would like people to use Parrot not only as a pentest distribution.”

Docker images

Docker images will be offered as a core container with only the bare system, a more complete environment with a lot of useful tools, and a container dedicated to the Metasploit environment.

With the docker images, you can get access to all the parrot tools in all the isolated environments you need.

Linux Kernel 4.16

Parrot Security OS 4.0 comes with new Linux Kernel 4.16 that contains a number of improvements such as the AMD GPU DC display driver included multi-display support, the patch that optimizes the update of inode data and metadata.

You can get free Free Cloud Linux VPS from providers like skysilk.

parrot terminal

With the last release Parrot, 3.11 contains the basic spectre/meltdown fixes.

Stable and reliable sandboxed applications available with Parrot 4.0

Mate Desktop updates to version 1.20, it contains many graphics bug fix, HiDPI support and ability to resize the windows.

Instead of the heavy Apache2, the famous and lightweight web server Nginx added as a default web server daemon.

LibreOffice 6 comes default in the images starting from Parrot Security OS 4.0 and it includes the latest version of Firefox version 60.

Now MD Raid Support supported by default, so that parrot can be installed in a software raid for better reliability.

If you are using any previous version of Parrot OS you can update with following commands

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt purge tomoyo-tools
  • sudo apt full-upgrade
  • sudo apt autoremove

You can Download the current Parrot Security OS 4.0 download parrotOS.

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